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Marit inspires her clients to grow into their true greatness and power so that they can live their most authentic life and find lasting inner peace. She partners with both men and women to help them find their life's purpose, to radiate their best selves from within, and to make the meaningful impact they desire to in the world. She also supports leaders and employees in companies to create and sustain a healthy, resilient, and positive work culture.

"When Marit is coaching you, she listens with a wide-open heart and her eyes sparkle with a deep knowing that comes from her soul. She taught me to connect with my heart and inner knowing in an empathic and inspiring way. After working with Marit, I know now that there is no turning back. I am moving forward on my soul's path with purpose. I am so much happier, motivated, and fulfilled in my life than I was before I started being coached by her. " - M. Curtin, Coaching Client

Marit is a transformational coach and trainer, author, and college professor. She is the owner and director of her company “Health & Soul” which supports men and women in gaining holistic and sustainable health and happiness. Just this month she had been awarded for successfully creating and leading her coaching program “Greatness” to making such positive impact.

She has devoted the last 20 years to studying and applying attributes that lead to sustainable health and mental, emotional, and physical fulfillment. Marit has earned six coaching certifications and three trainer certifications and had been a corporate leader for over 10 years. She has lived, studied, and worked in six countries on five continents and integrates these international aspects into her coaching and into

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